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Cloud based Plan Review, Permitting and Inspections

Henry County


Online Submittal and Electronic Plan Review

The following Applications and Plans can be submitted online.

 - Commercial Permit Application
 - Residential Permit Application
 - Commercial Development Permit Application
 - Residential Development Permit Application
 - Final Plat Review Application
 - Fire Alarm - Commercial Electrical Application

Submission Guidelines

New Submission: To Start a New Submission click the Tile in the "Building & Plan Review" section for your Permit or Plan Review application and follow the steps to complete your new Submission.  You can also submit a Fire Alarm - Commercial Electrical Application by clicking on the Tile under the "Fire Department" section.

Re-Submission: To Re-submit a project, click on the Project Number from the Worklist Page and follow the steps to complete your Re-Submission. Please do not click on the Tile for Re-Submission as it will start a new project submission. Use Re-Submission for Projects whose Review Cycle has been Disapproved by Henry County.

Revision: To submit a Revision to a previously approved project, click on the Tile in the "Revisions" section for your Permit or Plan Review application. You have to enter the previously approved Project number to continue with the Revision submission. All your drawing files and forms data from the previously approved project are copied over to the RevisionYou can make changes as needed and confirm your Revision. The project for the Revision is linked to the previously approved project.