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City of Marietta


Plan Review Fees

The Mayor and Council recently adopted a new Commercial Plan Review Fee for all commercial building permits issued within the City of Marietta.  Please see the table below for the plan review fees.  This will become effective for all commercial building permits that are applied for on January 1, 2019.





Commercial Building Permit Valuation – Under $250k


$125 flat rate

Commercial Building Permit Valuation – $250,001 up to $500k


$250 flat rate

Commercial Building Permit Valuation – $500,001 up to $1 million


$500 flat rate

Commercial Building Permit Valuation –   $1 million and over


$1000 flat rate

Submittal Guidelines


  • Anyone requiring access to the SagesGov Electronic Plan Review system must register for an account by clicking the following link
  • Architects, Builders, Engineers & Contractors must first Register new account  for their Company. They are required to list an account administrator as part of the registration process; once approved they can add additional users from their company under their account.
  • Persons who submit projects for a company should be setup as users under the company by the Administrator and SHOULD NOT register for a separate accounts. 
  • Independent Engineers, Design Professionals etc. may have their own Company/Firm Account or Individual User Account in SagesGov.

New Submission: 

  • To Start a New Submission click the Tile on the "Home” tab and follow the steps to complete your new Submission. SagesGov has built in applications with mandatory fields that you must complete in order to submit a project.  The next step is to upload your PDF plans and drawings. Each drawing or document is setup in the system and will require selecting the appropriate file type to upload. You will receive an email upon successful submission.


  • You will receive notification upon completion of each Review Cycle with Comments (if any). To Re-submit Drawings (optional) or other required documents, click on the Project from the Worklist Tab and follow the steps to complete your Re-Submission. Please do not click the Tile on the Home Tab for Re-Submission as it will start a new project application / submission.


Submittal for Fire Safety Engineering Review

For any building plans, including, new buildings, additions to buildings, tenant remodels, temporary buildings, and tenant finishes. A complete submittal will assist us in quickly processing your application.

  1. Proof of approved site plans, when applicable (building review can be done concurrently but will be placed on hold for approval until the site is approved)
  2. Scope of work and statement of use letter on letterhead (if available), signed and dated
  3. Plans/drawings - meeting the following minimum requirements:
    • Job Name & Project Address on the plans
    • Show a top view of the tenant location inside the building
    • Overall area of the space shown; it must be scaled or show dimensions of each room
    • Show all door, window and wall locations, as well as furniture layout, merchandise, shelving/fixtures for the tenant space
    • Identify and label each room on the drawings 
    • Show exit signs including tactile exit signs, emergency light & fire extinguisher locations
    • Key Plan (Show the proximity of the space in conjunction with building and/or property
    • Georgia Accessibility Code features and details including - accessible route, turning radius, counter heights, reach range, and restroom features.
    • Complete egress route to 10-feet away outside the building (Show how to access two exits)

State law requires an architect’s seal on any building more than 1 story or 5,000 square feet, assembly, education, health care, correction or detention, hotel, dormitory or lodging, multi-family housing or apartment complex, and care facilities. Non-structural design may be sealed by a registered interior designer.

Healthcare, ambulatory healthcare, jails, prisons, orphanages, nursing/convalescent homes, and buildings of State Universities and Colleges must be reviewed by the State Fire Marshal's Office of Fire Safety Engineering as well, and approval submitted in this application.

Scope of work/use letters


Any projects submitted for review to the Fire Marshal’s Office must also provide scope of work /statement of use letters, which should be prepared on letterhead (if available), dated, and signed by an authorized person.  The letter should state generally what construction will be done, and detail specifically the business functions to take place in the space.  The application may be disapproved in review without this letter containing sufficient details.  Upload this file and choose file type “Scope of Work/Statement of Use Letter.”

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